This is one of the most touching stories the Chairman shared today from one of our Jextoban parents.
Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ  and may His grace and peace be multiplied to you abundantly in His precious name.
I have found it needful to share these with you first because of the great respect we (my wife and I) have for you and the great impact that your life has made and your institution (JEXTOBAN) has contributed to the lives of our children….  Terdoo and Terver are doing extremely well. Terdoo got a job with three companies – all multinationals – within six months of completing his NYSC. He chose to start his working career at NESTLE.  When he clocked two years, the company gave to him a brand new Toyota Corolla (2014 model) as official car. We get good reports from his bosses about his performance.
Last year  Terver left for the UK where she is studying for her Masters in International Marketing Management at the University of Leeds.  Last December,  she won the first place award of Strategic Thinker 2015 at Leeds University Business School. To think that she accomplished this in the number one business school in the UK and out of over 300 students in the school was commendable. You know she read Mass Comm at Covenant University and made a Second Upper with a CGPA of over 4 points. Because of her contributions to her company  (one of the top advertising companies in the country) – the CEO  gave to her a letter committing to keep her place should she come back from the UK and want to continue to work with them! Terver writes a weekly column in the PUNCH newspaper on Fridays (page 15).
Why am I sharing these? I want you to know that your children (your products) are excellent. We appreciate you,  your institution and the entire team of your very dedicated staff for what you invested into our children and what they and we are reaping from all of that today. We did not have to look for jobs for either of our children. We did not use any connections. I am sure that your prayers and the orientation you gave them opened doors of favour to them.
We cannot reward you but we commend you and your entire staff to the Lord that He would remember your labour of love and that He would richly reward you in Jesus name
…Thank you very much for lending yourself to the Lord to be so used. We appreciate you greatly Sir.
Pastor William Bendega