Emmanuel Adegoke

Welcome to Jextoban Secondary School, Lagos Campus. I must tell you that for the past twenty-four (24) years of the school operation, it has been fun and ever dynamic. For me as the Principal, my experiences over the past thirteen (13) years have allowed me to see my students grow from cradle to maturity.  It is joyful seeing how they have continuously succeeded in their lives across the globe.

At Jextoban, we constantly ensure that our heritage and values are protected. Our students have embraced the school’s vision and mission and as a result developed mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially.
I am happy to also say that we teach Christian values to our students knowing that the love for God in their hearts fills the vacuum of the human spirit.
We don’t shy away from being known as a Christian school and we are proud of our Christian identity. We also accept students from other faiths. Our ultimate goal is raising children who will impact their community positively, and solve national and global challenges. Jextoban Secondary School is highly ranked among the schools in Nigeria. Our robust Nigerian and British curricula and the rich extra-curricular activities help us create competitive students in academic achievements, sports, music and public speaking.
Furthermore, our mentorship program is tailored towards the child development stage. We have an entrusted team of staff who work diligently together to give our students the right learning environment and educational content.
I am proud of the academic and non-academic staff who are dedicated individuals and desire to see your child grow.
I, therefore, invite you to explore what Jextoban has to offer you through our website and discover what sets us apart from other secondary schools in Nigeria.


We look forward to welcoming you online and to any of our school campuses

Your sincerely,

Emmanuel Adegoke

Jextoban Secondary Schools,

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