Founders’ Message

Founders' Message

Founders' Message,

We are excited to welcome you all to Jextoban. If you are new to our school community, we know that you will soon find it a warm and welcoming academic institution. For all returnees, It’s really delightful having you back to school, either in Lagos or Ogun State campus.

This year is truly a time to celebrate, focus and re-energize our God’s given gifts. You may recall that the 9th of January 2019, marked twenty- four (24) years Jextoban was established due to the awaking urge to resuscitate the Nigerian educational values we once cherished.

Our mission statement as an institution is “to develop the total personality of the JEXTOBAN child through Christian virtues and values to excel in the global society”. 

Today, we are glad as a school community that we have continuously raised brilliant and God-fearing children who perfectly exemplify our Christian values in their lifestyle and professions.

We are inspired towards a deeper sense that educating children must drive through constructive knowledge, and not just mere memorising facts. In doing so, in the context of and curiosity of the 21st-century tech-driven children, we ensure we make minute corrections that will help our children become transformed.  It is equally important to us that our children, their families, our faculty team and staff team currently known as Jextoban family, home, walk on the testament that education  in Jextoban creates a simultaneously strong academic foundation, hinged on self-discipline, tolerance, love, fairness, and impartiality in moral judgment (our five core values).

We are therefore glad that today, a high percentage of our students are able to transit into institutions of higher learning the same year they pass out from us, due to the solid foundation laid for them here in JEXTOBAN. We can joyfully report that very many of our students have come out with First Class Honours, or Second Class Upper Grades in their first degree (post-secondary) results from different Nigeria and Overseas Universities like University of Ibadan, Obafemi Awolowo University, University of Lagos, Covenant University, Redeemer University of Nigeria, University of Aston, South Carolina University,  Bells University, and University of Nigeria Nsuka, to mention but a few.

We indeed have every reason to celebrate our students as they excel in their chosen professional fields as a result of the values instilled in them. In addition, we are proud of our growing network of alumni who have taken their places and spaces in the global society in the bid to create positive impact to humanity.

We like to say that the past twenty-four (24) years have been an amazing journey as a result of the shared  partnerships between our families, friends of the school, the community, as well as professional educators. Allow me to say that this year, we will look at re-strengthening our ties to meet the challenges ahead. It will take theorising, operationalising, action, partnering, and not to mince words; funding too.

We look forward to all of these challenges and the truly powerful rewards that will sprout from these efforts in Jesus name (Amen). We are indeed grateful to be a part of a very dynamic and transformative educational institution. Wishing you all, an amazing year!

God bless you all.

Pastor  E.A, Mrs A. A Ojo

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