In Jextoban, we have established very high academic standards that meet worldwide requirements of international secondary schools. We stand for academic excellence and strive to instill the best moral/christian values in our students, thus ensuring them a successful future.

Upon admission, our students work incredibly hard to achieve not only their hopes and visions, but also the expectations of their parents and guardians. In addition to academic brilliance, the great strength of School life in Jextoban lies in its sense of community. Although our students come from all over the globe, they share a common bond that promotes a community environment, which nurtures quality development and learning.

Our students value learning, respect one another, and appreciate the skills and expertise of their educators.  With a solid foundation in pastoral care, we create a culture within our learning environment that encourages and promotes overall growth and success. Our students graduate with remarkable results and are among the top achievers within and outside the country. With such scores, our graduates are assured a smooth transition into top universities across the globe. While upholding our world-class ranking, we strive to create an enabling environment where students feel at home.

Jextoban School Boarding, Ibafo Campus is set in a beautiful, serene, and sage environment, equipped with state-of-the –art modern facilities. Jextoban School, Ibafo is a unique and exciting educational community where we prepare our students to “develop today” and excel tomorrow.”

I look forward to personally welcoming you here.