As  the Ministry of Education has made Quality Assurance and Evaluation of schools mandatory for all schools below tertiary level, we in Jextoban, are looking forward to seeing exciting results of being in the forefront, or on the cutting edge of Nigerian educational progress! Jextoban is now one of a few Nigerian  schools, which actually have a Quality Assurance Department, and one can already see and touch the results which are on ground!

DSC_0083Quality Assurance, generally speaking, is all about lifting the bar for the standards of a school by means of understanding and agreement concerning pursuit of goals among all stakeholders; including students, teachers, non-teaching staff, the school management, the board members and the parents.

The aim of Quality Assurance  is to  strengthen government control and regulation of all schools below tertiary level by means of standardisation, monitoring and evaluation of their operations.  It has been stressed that quality assurance needs to go beyond mere compliance with rules and regulations and result in better management of schools, which necessitates training in areas of structure and communication, human resources development, planning and project management, and political relevance. All staff of primary and secondary schools must now update their knowledge and sharpen their skills if they want to remain relevant in the Nigerian educational scheme of things!

Jextoban is among the leaders in this respect.

Sandra Mandell Onuah
Quality Assurance Manager